Support for children

so that saying goodbye is not that hard ...

The death and farewell of a beloved pet and faithful companion can be a difficult time even for adults. How difficult must this situation be for children?

Christina – who is herself a mother of two small children – has written a story for children which will help you understand the loss of a pet in a child-friendly way and help you get over your grief.

“You can look at this situation from a scientific point of view (which is certainly important)… but my concern with this book as a mum is simply to be able to give children a loving story that helps them.

With this booklet, also parents get something in their hands that they can read to their children in the evening while cuddling, in order to perhaps make the farewell a little easier for all of them.

All the drawings in it were made by our children and so this book – as well as our entire animal crematorium – is a family work of which we are extremely proud,” says Christina Pusnik.

“Die kleine Seele” is available free of charge and will be gladly provided to any family (on voluntary request also against a small donation for our association “Tierhilfe Lebring”).

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We are there for you all around the clock!

We are available around the clock, 365 days a year, without extra charges on Sundays, holidays or at night, and we are committed to collecting the animal as quickly as possible.

We accompany you in this difficult times of farewell and take away at least a small part of your worries and questions!