Tierhilfe Lebring

Your donation helps animals

The non-profit association “Tierhilfe Lebring” was founded by Christian and Christina Pusnik of the Lebring Animal Crematorium in order to collect donations internally and externally, which are then regularly used to financially support various animal welfare organisations.

The collection of donations takes place, for example, through “tips” that are left with us or through 2 small donation boxes in our offices in Lebring and Graz. Of course, it is also possible to make donations to the specially created association account. We will gladly send you a receipt for your donation.

Tierhilfe Lebring – out of love for animals
Tierkrematorium Lebring – Pusnik-Reininger GmbH
Südbahnweg 23, 8403 Lebring

ZVR-Number: 1633366255, BH Leibnitz

Your contact:
Christina Pusnik
Tel. 0664 – 26 46 977
E-Mail: christina.pusnik@tierkrematorium.at


Bank details:
Raiffeisenbank Schilcherland
Tierhilfe Lebring
IBAN: AT80 3804 3000 0410 2083 • BIC: RZSTAT2G043

Our donation projects

Tierkrematorium Haustier Großtier Krematorium Einäscherung Bestattung Urne Lebring Graz Ukraine

Help for animals in the Ukraine

“Tierhilfe Lebring” supported “Aktiver Tierschutz” with a donation of 200 Euros for the animals in need in Ukraine on the basis of the collected donations.

Tierkrematorium Haustier Großtier Krematorium Einäscherung Bestattung Urne Lebring Graz Stöpsel Sammelaktion

Bottlecap collection campaign for "Stibi's Hundeparadies"

Thanks to many hard-working helpers, we managed to collect well over 1 ton of plastic caps, all of which we were able to hand over to the animal welfare organisation “Stibi’s Hundeparadies”. “Stibi’s Hundeparadies” received financial support for their four-legged fosterlings through the proper recycling of the caps.


World Animal Protection Day 2021

In the course of World Animal Protection Day 2021, we support “Aktiver Tierschutz Steiermark” with our hike – our entire entry fee benefited the shelter animals.



Unfortunately, sweet Laura did not have a good place and now, at the age of 23, she finally found a new owner who will give her the love she deserves.

Thanks to the donations collected, “Tierhilfe Lebring” was able to support Laura with 100 euros.

We wish Laura and her new owner all the best.

Tierkrematorium Purzel Vicky Tierhilfe Lebring

Association "Purzel and Vicky", Vasoldsberg

Since the foundation of our association in autumn 2021, we have been able to collect 300 euros, which we would like to donate to the animal welfare association Purzel & Vicky from Vasoldsberg.

Here, many different animals find help, a home and experience love – a big thank-you to all the heroes/heroines who dedicate themselves to the welfare of the animals and are there for them every day – often on a voluntary basis.

Thanks also to you, dear pet owners, for the tips and donations we were able to collect.

We are there for you all around the clock!

We are available around the clock, 365 days a year, without extra charges on Sundays, holidays or at night, and we are committed to collecting the animal as quickly as possible.

We accompany you in this difficult times of farewell and take away at least a small part of your worries and questions!