When it is
time to say


Saying goodbye to a beloved animal can be as hard as saying goodbye to a friend
or even a family member. That is why it is particularly important for us to offer
your deceased animal a respectful last journey!

Since we know that death knows no time, we are there for you 365 days a year,
around the clock without additional charges for public holidays, weekends at night.

In order to ensure that you receive the ashes of your pet, we only carry out individual cremations.

We will be there with you in this difficult moment of farewell and will take away
at least a small part of your worries and questions.

Our Services

How we support you with a proper farewell

Tierkrematorium Lebring Taube

of your pet

We only offer individual cremations – from small pets to large animals, such as horses. Always with dignity, transparency and comprehension.

Tierkrematorium Lebring Taube

Support in the
most difficult moments

For many people, their pet is their closest – and often their only – companion. With us, you are not alone with your grief and have someone to talk to.

Tierkrematorium Lebring Taube

Provision plan
for animals

The death of a beloved animal
is not only a painful moment –
but can also be a financial burden. Therefore, take precautions for the burial of your pet!

After the cremation, you can collect the urn directly from us (or our partners). We will also gladly send the urn to you. If you do not wish to take your pet’s ashes home with you, you can also have them placed in one of our three lovingly designed collective graves. At the “Franziskus Urn Grove”, a joint burial of humans and animals is also possible.
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Our philosophy

For us, even the smallest animal has a big soul

It is especially important to us to be able to offer all deceased animals the possibility of a respectful last journey.

The highest priority of “Tierkrematorium Lebring” is the respectful and dignified treatment of all animals received by us and their owners.

Regardless of whether you, as a pet owner, are deciding between cremation, burial or industrial disposal of your pet, you should be informed about all the options so that you can choose the right way for you and your pet.

We are committed to supporting you in this difficult moment of parting, to relieve your worries about the process as much as possible and to provide all the information you need at any time.

Specially for children

To make saying goodbye not quite as painful!

Christina – who is herself a mother of two small children – has written a story for children which will help you understand the loss of a pet in a child-friendly way and help you get over your grief.

“You can look at this situation from a scientific point of view (which is certainly important)… but my concern with this book as a mum is simply to be able to give children a loving story that helps them. With this booklet, also parents get something in their hands that they can read to their children in the evening while cuddling, in order to perhaps make the farewell a little easier for all of them.

All the drawings in it were made by our children and so this book – as well as our entire animal crematorium – is a family work of which we are extremely proud,” says Christina Pusnik.

“Die kleine Seele” is available free of charge and will be gladly provided to any family (on voluntary request also against a small donation for our association “Tierhilfe Lebring”).

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About us

Available for you throughout Austria!

We are Austria’s largest and most modern animal crematorium and offer you a certificated cremation of your favourite animal. We are the only crematorium in Austria to also offer cremation of large animals such as horses. We are a reliable partner for a dignified farewell since 2002, because we believe that EVERY animal deserves a graceful farewell! Learn more about us and our team – or download our digital information folder.

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