in the case of mourning

Having grown up with animals ourselves and still having animals in our families today, we know from our own experience how painful it is to say goodbye to a beloved four-legged friend and can empathise with this situation.

All the more reason for us and our trained staff to support you in the best possible way through care, competence and understanding. We cannot take the pain away from you, but we can take care of your questions and concerns and perhaps make the parting a little easier for you.

In our farewell rooms in Graz and Lebring you have the opportunity to say goodbye to your deceased pet in peace and quiet.

Specially written free consolation books are designed to help pet owners of all ages get over their grief so that the loving memory of beloved creatures can ultimately triumph over the pain….

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We are there for you all around the clock!

We are available around the clock, 365 days a year, without extra charges on Sundays, holidays or at night, and we are committed to collecting the animal as quickly as possible.

We accompany you in this difficult times of farewell and take away at least a small part of your worries and questions!